Every once in a while, we get tired of our usual routines and our heart desires vacations to unknown places that help replenish our lost energies. But that’s not always possible for people due to the huge dent frequent vacations can put in your pocket. But that doesn’t mean one can’t save up and make budget-friendly itineraries for vacations, because they are important for your well-being! If you plan on visiting Australia and your itinerary has to be budget-friendly, here are things you should do to have a great time in a budget with kalbarri tours;

Road trips instead of Domestic Flights

Quality time doesn’t necessarily mean throwing money at activities that demand big bucks! Take road trips with family and friends or even by yourself and drive around Australia in a rented car, stopping at will and soaking all the beauty of the country while you’re at it and meeting new people along the way – as opposed to spending huge bucks on domestic flights that not only help put holes in the bank but are also experientially lacking and depleting!
If you get a chance to take a road trip, Australia’s Great Ocean Road is a 243 km long stretch that is bound to make you have the most visually aesthetic and calming experiences of your life!

Day Trips that help save on Accommodation

One more nifty trick is to settle in one central location where you can find cheap accommodation and then explore other places on day trips! The alternative is to lug around your luggage and find new accommodations everywhere that will not only be expensive but also a hassle! Usually, touristy spots have accommodation prices 2-3 times higher than normal hostels or hotel options. If exploring is your priority then might as well save money on this extravaganza!

Spend days at the beaches

If you’re one for the love of beaches, then Australia is the place for you! Home to hundreds of amazing beaches, you can find yourself in all sorts of amazing places that have a unique character and charisma of their own. It can be very relaxing to spend time by yourself or with friends and family at the beach and you don’t need a lot of money in the bank for it either! Clean, good fun at the minimum expense!

Take walking tours in Sydney

If you’re visiting Australia, then it would be criminal to miss out on visiting Sydney. It’s an expensive city but it helps to do your research! Look for walking tours that cover most parts of the city so you don’t miss out on the basics just because of your budget!

Spend time in the mountains

Australia is home to quite a few beautiful mountain ranges such as the Blue mountains etc! If you’re looking for serenity and refuge, make a trip to the mountains and spend time under the great blue sky, breathing in crisp air with amazing backdrops for an experience you’ll never forget!

If this is your first travel adventure, I suggest you start planning 3-4 months in advance, depending on the time you plan to go.

December and January are high season months with school and Christmas holidays. Although everyone would like to go there at the time, it is not the best time to visit Australia. 

These pages below show you how to choose the best period which places to add to the itinerary, how to combine the various means of transport between them, saving time and money:

  • Best times to go to Australia
  • How to choose the period and what are the best places month by month based on your travel plan.
  • The basics for planning your journey efficiently.
  • Detailed information on timing for location, destination, and how to get around Australia.
  • Cre tailored travel itinerary
  • My 84 page guide to create the itinerary: 15 pages to plan, 60 pages of detailed itinearies with 36 options to customize the itinerary in Australia. The book is complete with all the resources, travel sites and search and booking tools.

How to move around Australia

If you make a mistake in choosing how to move around Australia and therefore to use expensive or dispresive means of transport, you risk spending more time going from one destination to another than visiting the place and enjoying your holiday.

To help you choose, here are these items:

  • Getting around in Australia
  • From internal flights to car and camper rental to travel by bus and train. The best vehicle is always the car. But the secret is knowing how to optimize the times using possibly all the various options available.
  • How to find great flights to Australia
  • The best sites of you inside Australia
  • The next step after flying to Australia is to book domestic flights to shape the itinerary. Here you find the best sites for flights.
  • Best car and motorhome rentals in Australia
  • If you choose to drive in Australia, you need to book a car or motorhome online. where to book with the best offers without paying either deposit or cancellation or modification costs.

Planning your trip to Australia alone can be tiring if you don’t know this huge continent, also called Down Under or Oz. With a surface area of ​​2 times Europe and a population of only 24 million inhabitants it is easy to understand the proportions in which it moves.

Although Australia offers many opportunities for a memorable vacation, it is not a country for a last minute vacation. The backpacking trip along the east coast from Sydney to Cairns is a classic among the youngest.

100 thousand km of which 7 thousand by car alone. I learned a lot from my solo trips and can say I know something about traveling alone in Australia.

I am happy to help you prepare a memorable adventure trip. On the site you will find over 300 articles on Australia, in English and in Italian, to answer your questions about Australia.

Before moving into the trip planning, read this article (in English) about: what to know before going to Austarlia

It is well known that going to Australia is not cheap, but the largest travel expense is represented by the Italy Australia flight ticket. And the second biggest expense is moving around Australia.

Consider the fact that the cost of the flight ticket to Australia is around 1000 Euros, ie approx. one third of the travel cost of 3 or 4 weeks. So it is clear that finding a good flight offer for Australia is essential .

Furthermore, planning the trip well in advance is crucial. At least 3-4 months if you go to Australia during the low season (from September to November and from March to May). If you plan to travel in high season and during the Christmas holidays, then start at least 6 months before.

In addition, some destinations in Australia and certain activities are even more expensive in the high season, so it is not worth going to Australia between December and February. To save money, you need to plan your journey efficiently so as not to sacrifice comfort and travel quality.